Easy Mouth-Watering Easter Desserts

Easter DessertsFamily and friends enjoying quality time together and creating memories is what makes any celebration special. But what ups the ante of the festive mood to the next level, aside from the themed decorations, are the food particularly the special desserts. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, mouth-watering desserts are among the things that become the star of the night, because it’s what guests often look forward to.  For me, holiday and Easter desserts are among my favorites because they are extra special in terms of their flair and creativity.

Experiment with New Easter Desserts

Easter is that time of the year when I go the extra mile for my baking efforts. Instead of the usual dishes and preparations, I inject something new and different year after year to keep things exciting and fun.  I don’t necessarily stray from tradition. The family still expects to see their favorites on the table after the church service but it’s also great to add a new dish or two for a set of refreshing flavors on the menu. And because I have a sweet tooth, my baking and cooking experiments are always zeroed in on new Easter desserts that will have the guests gushing and praising all day long.

I have tried a number of Easter desserts recipes mostly themed goodies to get in line with the festivities. The kids loved the egg-shaped lollipops and the chick macarons. They’re colorful, tasty and overloaded with cuteness that the youngsters cannot simply resist. Bunny shaped cookies are also popular as well as the creamy cupcakes and delectable slices of cakes embellished with Easter decors and colors. And if you’re looking for some inspiration for your desserts, I have included a number of recipes on here for you to try.

Going the Extra Mile for the Kids

Some of these desserts recipes are super easy and may only take you only an hour to prepare. I have tried a recipe that needs only two ingredients. Yes, that right. Just two key components and it turned out wonderful. Other Easter desserts are more complicated and may require a ton of ingredients especially for decoration but who cares this is only once a year so we better give it our best shot. So long as you have enough time for the dishes you have in mind, you can expect smooth-free preparation and highly satisfied guests.

Whether you’re looking to feed a family of four or a full house of twenty people, all you need is the right combination of sweet treats to keep both the adults and the youngsters happy. Heavenly flavored cakes or trifles usually do the trick for the adults. As for the kids, you’ll need a little more imagination to decorate your egg-shaped goodies for the infamous egg hunt game. While these Easter desserts for kids will certainly require more effort, you’ll see that it will pay off generously. Adding the whiskers on the bunny cookies or the hair on the chick-shaped candies are definitely worth the extra mile when you see the kids’ eyes light up upon seeing your baking masterpiece.